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HiQ is more than just the magazine. "Smart, stylish & sexy" is our motto and we live it, with all our projects.

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4 years of experience producing THE Blockchain Magazine.


Everything started on a Blockchain far far away. As two Steemians founded the STEEMillu. With the fork to Hive everything changed and HiQ - The Hivestyle Magazine was born. Since 2020 we are no longer "fresher, superior, odder" but "smart, stylish & sexy". You want to be smart, stylish & sexy, too? Read the HiQ on PeakD NOW.


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Bunch of projects to ROCK your Hive experience


HiQ - The Hivestyle Magazine your satirical infotainment magazine.

With a german issue on each last wednesday of the month and an english issue one day after, we bring you all Hive related news on one spot.

If it doesn't blow up the block, it is not a HiQ post.

Production Skill.


HIQS - The Support Token

HIQS stands for HiQ Shares. The token is primarily used to support HiQ - The Hivestyle Magazine and its editors.

Hodlers of HIQS are highlighted in a leaderboard in the monthly HiQ Magazine, allowing them to compete for pole positions with their stake. The top 5 holders have the opportunity to get an advertising space in the magazine. And because we are the smartest, we have also created a liquidity pool, which can be found here.

Token creation


Curagement Service to reward good posts.

Curagement = Curate + Engagement. If you have at least 10 HIQS staked, you can trigger the HiQ Smart Bot with the command !hiqvote.

Depending on the tags, the Smart Bot script then decides which trail will vote. So far, we have 8 curation tribes: @hiq.bee,,, @hiq.oneup, @hiq.pimp, @hiq.weed, @hiq.spt und You can of course join our trails or delegate to get 80% of the liquid rewards.

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Curating Skill.


The one and only HiQ Witness Node.

We're not just editors, we're tech nerds too. How else could we report on all the blockchain stuff?

That's why, and because we care about the chain, we run our own Hive Witness Node. At the moment we are ranked 73rd in active Witnesses, which is already very good. Our goal is to get into the top 20 to have even more impact on Hive.



Trading Card Game made by HiQ - CraftInk

CraftInk is a play2earn & play2support NFT trading card game. It has an unprecedented connectivity with the Hive Blockchain. In the game, there will be the possibility to earn the Hive-Engine Token INK through missions. We have taken inspiration from existing collectible card games, but CraftInk will still offer unique game mechanics and have special features that are only viable on Hive.

Who doesn't love opening booster packs? Each pack contains 5 cards. Get your head in the game. With only 20 cards in your deck you can start playing. More information can be found on the CraftInk Blog and CraftInk Website.



What readers say about us

We really value what our community has to say. That's why there are Readers' Letters at the end of each issue.

There, we answer the comments from the last issue. This category has become one of our favourites because it is the best way for us to engage with our readers and to highlight particularly good comments. Here are some prime examples of what readers have sent us.

“Brilliant work! I would so love to be a fly on the wall and watch you work your layout. Outstanding! 🔥 I even took the trouble to see it in the mobile version :) I'm that awestruck. I won't beg for your secrets. And the content is great too. Well done. You're getting even better and better 👏”

Only Human

“I can tell a lot of time went into this blog. It looks great! Tons of awesome stuff here. My favorite thing is the scoreboard at the end. This is elite-level Hive stuff here and I'm all for it. I'm now voting for your witness 😎”

Hive is my home.

“Amazing post and summary of HiveFest. And the physical edition at HiveFest was SOOO good too. Keep up the great work!”

Modular Synth Artist and Producer.
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